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Do not worry if train ticket is lost, Railways gives duplicate tickets, this is the process


For making duplicate tickets, the passenger has to pay money.
If the ticket is lost, first of all the passenger should go to the ticket checker.
A duplicate ticket can be made even if the ticket is torn.

New Delhi. Every day lakhs of people travel by train in India. That is why it is called the lifeline of India. Indian Railways takes people to their destination at low fares. Today it is the most preferred means of travel by Indians for long distance travel. It is mandatory to have a ticket to travel in the train. Passengers traveling without ticket have to pay heavy fine. It also happens with many railway passengers that they take a ticket, but it gets lost.

If your train ticket is also lost then you do not need to worry much. If the ticket is lost, the railway issues a duplicate ticket to the passenger. The rules and fees for making duplicate tickets are different for different classes. In case of loss of ticket, first of all the passenger should go to the ticket checker and inform him about the missing ticket. The passenger can also get a duplicate ticket made by going to the ticket counter.

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fees to be paid
According to a Moneycontrol report, the process of making duplicate tickets has been explained in detail on the official website of Indian Railways, indianrail.gov.in. The passenger has to pay for getting a duplicate ticket made. You will get a duplicate ticket for second and sleeper class for Rs.50. You will have to pay Rs 100 to get duplicate tickets made for the above category. If the confirmed ticket is lost after the preparation of the reservation chart, then 50 percent of the fare has to be paid.

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Duplicate ticket is made even if the ticket is torn
If a passenger’s ticket is torn after being confirmed, then he will get a duplicate ticket only after paying 25% of the fare. Duplicate ticket cannot be made for a torn ticket with waiting list. If your lost original ticket is found, then you can get both the tickets paid for the duplicate ticket by showing them at the railway counter before the departure of the train.

Platform ticket comes in handy
If you have a platform ticket and for some reason you have to travel by train, then this ticket will be very useful for you. Contact the TTE in the train and you can get the ticket made for the distance you want to travel. Along with the fixed fare, TTE will make ticket by taking some money as penalty.

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