Do not worry if your pocket is empty in Holi, do shopping with Paytm postpaid, pay the bill later

New Delhi. People shop fiercely during the festive season. Apart from shopping, there are some works which cannot be ignored. For example, paying rent to the landlord or paying utility bills. This spoils the budget of the people. In this situation Paytm Postpaid can be a good option for you.

The name of the facility of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) of digital payment and financial services company Paytm is Paytm Postpaid. Under this service, credit limits are given in the postpaid account of the Paytm customer. This limit depends on the credit history of the user. Through this limit, you can do recharge, bill payment or shopping etc. on Paytm app. Many online and offline merchants can also be paid through Paytm Postpaid. The special thing is that the users of Paytm Postpaid can also shop through it at grocery stores around them.

When is the bill generated
Paytm postpaid bill is generated on 1st of every month. The deadline for bill payment is the 7th of every month. You can convert your Paytm Postpaid transactions into EMIs.

How to activate Paytm Postpaid
If you are eligible then you can activate Paytm postpaid service by following the process given below.
>> Login to Paytm account and type Paytm Postpaid on the search icon.
>> After this click on Paytm Postpaid icon.
>> After this complete KYC. The entire process of KYC is digital.
>> After completing the KYC process, your Paytm postpaid service will be activated.

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