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Do not wrap Diwali gifts with paper, use these natural things to give a different look


Do not use paper and plastic wrapping sheets on Diwali.
Flowers can be used to make the gift attractive.
Banana leaves can be cut into desired shape.

Natural Things To Give A Different Look- There are many such things on Diwali which have to be done in advance. Such as cleaning, dyeing, painting, buying and packing gifts. In many places, Diwali is congratulated by giving gifts on the day of Diwali. If gifts are exchanged, it is obvious that plastic and paper wrappers will be used in large quantities to pack them. Which is a big reason for pollution. So why not celebrate this Diwali as a natural Diwali and instead of paper and plastic packing paper, banana leaves or colorful ribbons should be used.

Banana leaves are 100% eco-friendly and durable, which are easily rotted after being thrown. This can also be a cheaper option. Let us know how to use them.

Leaf selection according to the gift
The practice of giving gifts on Diwali is very old. Where earlier people used to give sweets, now gifts are being given along with sweets. This time to make Diwali eco-friendly, you can use leaves instead of paper and plastic wrapping papers. Banana leaves of many sizes can be easily found in the market. The leaves can be selected according to the size and shape of the gift. Different style cutting can also be done to give a designer look to the leaves.

use moli to tie
Moli used in worship can be used instead of cello tape for sticking or closing the leaves. Wrap the moli around the gift and tie a knot in the bow’s design. The use of Moli in worship or anything is considered auspicious.

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decorate with flowers
Flowers can be used to make the gift attractive. Roses, lilies, orchids and dahlias can be used to decorate the gift. This will also make the gift taker happy.

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