Do these 8 important things to protect your child from air pollution, the child will be healthy

Air Pollution Side Effects: Due to air pollution, not only the elders are in bad condition, but this toxic fumes, dusty air is also very harmful for babies and young children. These days the air quality of many states has gone from bad to worse. Those who have respiratory problems, asthma and lung disease, it is not free from danger for them to step out of the house. It is also not right to take children out of the house in air pollution. If you have a baby in your house, it is very important to keep him safe from air pollution. Let us know here about some tips that can prove to be very effective in keeping your baby safe from the harms of air pollution.

ways to protect baby from air pollution

1. According to a news published in TOI, if your child is less than a year old and you are feeding him your milk then continue this work. Breastfeeding is necessary even if you and your baby have problems with cold and cough. Wash your hands thoroughly while feeding. Keep wearing the mask. Immunity is strengthened by breastfeeding and the baby can be protected from many types of infections and diseases.

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2. As the weather is now, the air is very dry. Breathing in dry air becomes difficult for anyone. In such a situation, the child may also suffer. Especially, when he has cold, cough. In such a situation, if there is moisture in the air, then you can get relief. Breathing also becomes easier due to the moisture in the air. You can leave the hot shower on for a while to keep the air in the room moist. You can keep the steamer on. Also, a humidifier can also come in handy.

3. If you want to protect your baby from the harm of air pollution, then keep an oil based heater in the room. Buy these electric ones only and keep it away from the baby’s bed in the room.

4. Put drops of nasal saline in the nose 10 minutes before the baby is breastfed. It gives comfort to the baby in case of extreme cold. In case of cold, you can put it in the nose of the baby 3-4 times a day. If you want, you can consult a doctor before using it.

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5. Avoid smoking in the house to keep the air of the room clean. Small particles of smoke can stick to clothes and these harmful particles can enter the baby’s nose while holding or playing with him. It is better that neither you smoke inside the house nor outside, because it is not good for your health either.

6. Try to keep the environment of the house clean. Keep it free from dust and dirt as much as possible. Do not keep stuffed toys near the baby, as dust accumulates in them. Then cleaning and disinfecting them becomes a difficult task.

7. Keep the child away from the guests coming from outside as much as possible. From birth to 4-5 months, do not mix the baby with outsiders more. Get vaccinated regularly, so that his body can be able to fight any kind of infection.

8. Avoid going to crowded places. If you have a habit of going for a walk with the child, then definitely go, but avoid going to such a place where there is more crowd. Try to sit on the terrace, balcony, park of the society instead of taking your baby out of the house.

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