Do this work while booking Vande Bharat train ticket from Delhi to Katra, money will be saved, delicious food will also be available


Railways has now made the facility of catering optional in Vande Bharat Express train.
You can order food in the train even if you have not booked food while booking the ticket.
Many types of dishes are given to the passengers in breakfast and dinner in Vande Bharat train.

New Delhi. The Delhi-Katra Vande Bharat Express train is no less than a boon for the devotees going to visit Mata Vaishno Devi. Earlier, where this journey used to take 12 to 13 hours, this luxury train of India covers this distance in just 8 hours. Not only does it take less time, but passengers also get excellent facilities. Due to which their journey becomes pleasant. Not only this, arrangements have also been made for the passengers from breakfast to dinner according to their class.

Railways has now made the facility of catering optional in Vande Bharat Express train. This means that now the passenger does not have to compulsorily book the food while booking the ticket. If he wants, he can refuse to take food. By doing this, the ticket will also be cheaper and will also be able to take advantage of every facility of the train. You just have to be deprived of the facility of food.

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Pre booking of food is beneficial
Even if you have not booked food at the time of booking the ticket, you can still order tea, breakfast or dinner in the train at the time of travel. But, by doing this you will have to pay more money. Where you have to pay Rs 155 for breakfast on pre-booking the food along with the ticket, while ordering breakfast later in the train you will have to pay Rs 205. In this way it will cost 50 rupees more. Similarly, you will have to pay more on other items. Therefore, if you want to eat during the journey, then you should make pre-booking of food at the time of booking the ticket. This will save your money.

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While traveling in chair car you will have to pay Rs 364 and for executive class Rs 415. The cost of tea during the journey in Vande Bharat Express is Rs 15. Breakfast will cost Rs 122 for chair car travel and Rs 155 for executive chair car travel. Evening tea and snacks cost Rs 66 in chair car and Rs 105 in executive class. Lunch or dinner is provided for Rs 244 in executive chair car and Rs 222 in chair car.

how much is the rent
The chair car fare from New Delhi to Katra is Rs.1630. It has a base fare of Rs 1120. Reversion charge of Rs 40, superfast charge of Rs 45 and GST of Rs 61 is applicable. The fare for executive chair car is Rs.3015. The basic fare is Rs.2337. There is a reservation charge of Rs 60, superfast charge of Rs 75 and GST of Rs 124 on this.

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get great food
Branded digestive biscuits of tea, coffee, green tea, lemon tea are also served in the chair car. Many dishes including stuffed paranthas, vegetable cutlets, curd, pickles, upma, poha are given for breakfast. Kashmiri Pulao, variety of pulses and paneer along with some other dishes are also served in lunch and dinner. Dry kachori or samosa, paneer sandwich, lassi or flavored milk and green tea / lemon tea and tea coffee are served in the evening breakfast.

Breakfast in the Executive Chair Car includes Cornflakes/Oats with Milk and Sugar, Stuffed Parantha, Cutlet, Branded Curd, Upma, Poha, Kulcha Chole with Paneer Sandwich, Cake and Juice. For lunch and dinner, a variety of dishes are served including tomato soup or mix veg soup or sweet corn soup, kashmiri pulao, a variety of dal, paneer.

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