Do you also wear new clothes without washing them? You may fall into skin problem


Wearing new clothes from the market fills your mind with positive energy.
Wearing new clothes increases the risk of infection and diseases.

wearing unwashed clothes is harmful: Who does not like to wear new clothes. They fill your mind with positive energy. But have you ever thought that new clothes can also make you sick. Yes, you may find it a bit strange to read or hear, but it is the reality. Let us tell you that most people start wearing new clothes as soon as they bring them home, but doing so is wrong. According to experts, wearing such clothes increases the risk of infection and diseases.

Let us tell you that many people order clothes online. Returns if the fitting is not correct. Similarly, people wear clothes in the trial room and leave it there if they don’t like it. Then these clothes are put back on the rack, which someone else buys and starts wearing. Sometimes wearing such clothes can cause skin related problems. Come on AIIMS Delhi Dermatologist Dr. Sanjay Sharma Let us know how these viruses affect one person to another.

showroom trial room

The trial room of the showroom is also responsible for spreading the bacteria. Please tell that, if any person goes to buy clothes in a mall or showroom, first of all he goes to the trial room and checks the fitting. When the cloth is unfit, he leaves that cloth there. But the sweat or dirt of that person sticks to the same cloth. After this this cloth is folded and racked. Wherein, then someone else takes this cloth and starts wearing it without washing it, then that sweat can affect the skin of that person. According to experts, this happens very rarely.

online shopping big reason

It has been seen many times that people order clothes online. After trying on, they return the clothes due to improper fitting. Due to this, the sweat or dirt of that person gets mixed in that cloth. When another person takes the same cloth, that sweat can affect his skin. These are viruses or bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye. In such a situation, it is necessary to wear new clothes only after washing them.

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Chemicals can also make you sick

According to experts, most companies use a variety of chemicals to remove stains, dye, soften and remove wrinkles from clothes. Which are very harmful for health. Although companies do not give much information about this chemical. There are many companies that mix chemicals like formaldehyde more than the standard.

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they are more prone to infection

According to experts, the danger of new clothes is more for children and pregnant women. Let us tell you that children are more prone to viral infections like molluscum. At the same time, the immunity of women also becomes weak during pregnancy, due to which there is a possibility of getting infected. That’s why new clothes should always be worn only after washing.

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