Do you still have foot odor even after wearing clean socks? You will be surprised to know the reason, there is a simple way to avoid it

How To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet: In the summer season, many people often have this problem that as soon as they enter the room by opening their shoes, the smell of sweat from their socks spreads in the whole room and because of which they have to face embarrassment among the people. This problem also bothers those people who wear clean socks and even after that the smell does not go away. Here we are telling you why the feet smell and what small things we can keep in mind to keep the smell away.

why do feet smell
According to, in fact, there are more sweat glands in the feet than in other places of the body. The work of these glands is to keep the feet and body cool throughout the day and due to this they continuously sweat. Mostly this happens due to hormonal changes in pregnant women or teenagers, while some people also have the problem of excessive sweating of feet in medical conditions. In such a situation, if hygiene is not taken care of, then bacteria grow in them and bad smell starts coming.

Home remedies to get rid of foot odor
Wash your feet thoroughly with soap and water in the morning and at night. Clean more carefully between fingers and don’t forget to wipe.

It is very important to clean your nails properly. Sweat and bacteria flourish in these too and because of this this problem starts.

It is very important to scrub the skin of the feet, if you do not scrub them, then bacteria make a home inside the thick dead skin and the smell starts.

Wearing wet shoes or socks can also cause odor in the feet. It would be better not to wear the same shoe every day and expose the shoes to sunlight after a gap of one day. Due to wet shoes, bacteria grow in them.

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Before going to bed at night, wash your feet and clean them with dry alcohol. For this, dip cotton in alcohol and rub the skin of the feet thoroughly with it. This will keep your feet skin bacteria free.

If your feet stink, sprinkle anti-fungal powder on your feet before wearing shoes.

Wash your feet every night and soak them in lukewarm water mixed with vinegar for some time. By doing this there will be no problem of foul smell from the feet.

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