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Our home in many ways an extension of us ? are. Our style, our beauty, our preferences and our choices are reflected in our homes. The uniqueness and identity of a home comes not only from the furniture, artwork and decor, but also from the walls. For statement walls, styling your home has never been easier with Vogue by JSW Paints.

Vogue by JSW Paints is a visual representation of luxury in present times. It is unique, stylish and new. It includes everything you need to give your home an elegant look, inspired by your favorite trends in fashion and culture. With tons of trendy effects that turn walls into artist’s canvases, you can be as creative as you want.


We all love Ikat. This is a mixed look of threads of different colors. It doesn’t have clear, factory-cut lines like a finish, but rather blurred and blended textures that come together to reflect the texture created by the artist’s hand. The soothing yet exotic look of Ikat can be used in the home with soft pastels and contrasts, rather than stimulating.

It’s the perfect effect for those who consider themselves craftsmen and artists or simply appreciate the craft and respect the artist. This effect is especially in sync with Indian aesthetics. So, if you need beautiful Indian handicrafts for your home, then Ikat Effect is perfect for you.

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This effect is for those people who have a passion for creativity and think beyond everyone’s expectation. Vogue Blaze creates an energy that resonates in your home and fills you with excitement and excitement.

This effect is ideal for a modern and vibrant home that is styled with a contemporary design. If you love to party and love the wow factor, then you must pick this effect. It pairs well with soft gold accents, luxurious clothing and metallic accessories.

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For a splendid look, a neatly plaited look is second to none. This effect involves imitating natural structures that evoke memories of lush fields, bales of hay, and grain stalks. Vogue Stacks combines the colors the eye is used to seeing together. For example, use green and yellow colors of growing plants, blue colors of water bodies, and brown and light cloud colors to give a relaxing atmosphere to your home.

If you are a sensitive person who needs relaxation after a long day at the office, then you will be able to feel at peace with this effect on your wall. It pairs well with natural, muted fabrics and wooden furniture.

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This effect is associated with pink, orange, golden and blue colored sunsets. Bands of light cause the eye to see distance. This is a great effect for nature lovers and pastel loving fashionistas. Vogue Horizon creates a wall effect that can be beautiful, captivating or calming.

It, is perfect for those who love minimalist style and understand art elegance, think of simplicity, purity, comfort and functionality. This effect connects well with print-free fabrics, simple accessories and furniture with Scandinavian designs.

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Thatch roof is now a thing of the past. For many of us, the memory of a thatched house is linked to rain, ambient sounds, including falling leaves, squirrels and falling fruit. Relive the moments with Vogue Thatches where imagination has limitless colors to give birth to.

If you are a free-spirited person living in the city and your home is a mix of antique, vintage chic and farmhouse interior design elements, then this effect is for you.

Vogue Orbital incorporates the beauty of the sky and the beauty of a beautiful painting in one. This effect is for those who dream big, whose horizons stretch far beyond the reach of our solar system, and whose fashion sense is immense. The Vogue Orbital creates a canvas where your imagination can run wild.

This effect is for those who yearn to transcend the vastness of space. This wall effect lets you capture some of that magnificence on the walls of your home. It can be used perfectly with coastal interior design and industrial metal furniture.

It is a kaleidoscope of colours, patterns and joy. This effect brings alive sunny days and fearless smiles. Vogue Bandhej adds color to your home.

If you are proud of your heritage and want to combine the beauty of traditional Indian art forms with modern design principles, then this wall effect is perfect for you. It goes wonderfully well with heavy wooden furniture, indoor swings and clean and tidy floors.

Who is there who does not wish to see a shooting star? Vogue Meteors represents one such beauty that can give us happiness, thrill hearts and change the fortunes of those who seek it. Bringing back memories of shooting stars in the sky, Vogue Meteor is the perfect effect for dreamers.

This is the perfect effect for those who live simple and think high. The effect matches the best contemporary and modern effect.

Enjoy this new year with Vogue by JSW Paints. In addition to these eight effects, we have more to help you make your imagination come true and create artwork on wall canvases!

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