Does drinking hot water reduce weight? You will be surprised to know the truth, you will also start doing this work


Drinking hot water can reduce weight faster than cold water.
Metabolism can be increased up to 30 percent by drinking lukewarm water.

Drinking Hot Water For Weight Loss: There are many benefits of drinking more water. It works to maintain good health of skin, muscles, bones, joints etc. and also helps body cells to absorb nutrition and protect against infection. Not only this, if you consume hot water once or twice a day, then it also gives other benefits. For example, reducing weight. Yes, many people recommend drinking hot water to reduce weight. Let us know how beneficial hot water is for reducing weight.

Drinking hot water reduces weight ,
medicalnewstoday According to, it has been found in the researches that if you drink more amount of water then it makes your stomach feel full and helps in reducing the weight. It also helps in absorbing the nutrients of the body and also works to remove the waste material. A study published in 2003 found that drinking hot water can lead to faster weight loss than cold water.

how does it work
Researchers found that if 500 ml of lukewarm water is drunk before a meal, it can increase metabolism by up to 30 percent. If you increase the temperature of water to 98.6 degrees, it increases metabolism by 40 percent. It can increase metabolism for 30-40 minutes.

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what is the temperature
If you do not like to drink hot water, then make the water temperature slightly higher than the body temperature. It can be perfect for reducing your weight or for other benefits. Consuming too hot water can burn you or damage your internal organs.

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