Does hot water reduce bad cholesterol in the body, know the scientific reason behind it

Cholesterol can be reduced by hot water: In the busy life, nowadays people pay little or no attention to their health and as a result, major diseases are increasingly making people their victims. In the recent past, there have been many cases of increasing cholesterol and its cases are increasing daily. Like diabetes, cholesterol is also a disease related to our lifestyle and if the symptoms of this disease are not taken care of in time, then it affects many organs badly.

According to the news of Express, cholesterol is a dirty wax-like substance that accumulates in the veins of the blood and due to this the blood vessels start narrowing. When the amount of cholesterol is high, the circulation of the blood is affected and when the blood does not reach the heart properly, heart attack starts coming. Along with this, if the blood supply to the brain is obstructed, then it increases the risk of brain stroke. Cholesterol can be controlled through medicines by consulting a health expert, but if you do not want to take medicine, you can control it naturally with home remedies. Hot water also lowers cholesterol. Let us know how hot water is effective in this problem.

Let us tell you that cholesterol is caused by the accumulation of bad fat lipids in the blood vessels. Hot water is a very effective remedy in this problem. By reducing the bad fat lipid profile that comes out of eating hot water, it prevents fat from accumulating in the body.

Hot water increases blood fueled rapidly. Due to the lack of fluid in the blood, the blood starts thickening and this affects the blood circulation. Warm water thins the blood and improves circulation.

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Hot water helps in reducing triglyceride. Let us tell you that the biggest reason for cholesterol is oily food and due to this, cholesterol increases rapidly in the body. Triglyceride comes out of oily food and this is the main reason for cholesterol. Hot water prevents triglyceride particles from sticking to the veins.

Hot water and garlic also reduce the problem of cholesterol. If you consume garlic with water on an empty stomach, along with reducing cholesterol, it also removes heart related problems.

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