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Does your partner lie a lot? Learn 5 Ways to Deal with a Pathological Liar


Lying can be the result of antisocial personality disorder.
Don’t encourage the compulsive lawyer to ask questions and tell lies.

Relationship With Pathological Liar: We are taught from childhood that it is wrong to lie, but still many people often tell white lies. Some people have taken recourse to lies after a lot of thought and some without any reason. Do you often catch your friend or partner lying? Like the occasional white lie, if you have caught your partner lying for no reason then you are probably dealing with a pathological liar.

Actually, it is also known as Mythomania and Pseudologia Fantasy. A pathological lie is a compulsive habit of lying. Some people lie for no reason. It can be a result of personality disorder or antisocial personality disorder. If you are dating a pathological lover and you are slowly getting fed up with this habit, then you can deal with these situations with the help of some methods.

How to deal with a pathological lawyer

do self-reflection first
The first thing you should do is talk to yourself. Ask your heart whether you want to be in this relationship or not. Take further decision accordingly.

don’t lose your temper
It is true that listening to lies again and again leads to irritation, but losing one’s temper will not solve any problem. If you ask them the truth from the front, the chances of telling another lie are high.

Know the reason for the habit of lying
Try to know why they fell prey to this habit. Psychological conditions, low self esteem, low self confidence etc. can be due to this. In such a situation, if he says that it is not him, but you are lying, then understand that whatever he wants to say but you are not wrong.

don’t accuse
Of course they lie, but fighting or making allegations is not the solution to this problem, instead you can calmly tell them that their lying hurts your heart.

do not promote
Don’t encourage a compulsive lawyer to tell more lies by asking questions to see how far he can go while lying. This cannot be the way to improve their habit. You can tell them that you won’t be able to talk to them until they stop lying.

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