Doesn’t your mother even let you drink water after eating fruits? this is the real reason

Health Tips: Often you must have heard elders in your house saying that water should not be drunk after eating fruits. If you want to drink water, then you have to drink it only after 1 hour of eating, in childhood it was not understood, due to the fear of elders, either did not drink water or used to drink water secretly, but now there are many scientific reasons for this. Let us know what harm can be caused to your health by drinking water immediately after eating fruits and avoid drinking water immediately after eating which fruits. Should.

Why should not drink water

  • According to experts, fruits contain fructose i.e. natural sugar, so if water with fructose If you drink, it can cause stomach problems, so you should drink water at least 1 hour before or 1 hour after eating fruits.
  • Exports also tell that drinking water after eating fruits does not work properly in the digestive system, due to which the food in the stomach does not get digested properly, which can cause problems related to gas and acidity.
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    Don’t drink water after eating these fruits

    Bananas: According to experts, drinking water after eating bananas is strictly prohibited because drinking water after eating bananas, especially cold water, can cause dyspepsia. This is called indigenization. Actually, the properties present in banana and cold water are the same which collide in the body and can cause indigestion. It is advisable to drink water only after at least 15 to 20 minutes after eating banana.

    Guava: Often there is a lot of thirst after eating guava, and Feels like drinking a glass of water just by gutting, but doing so can be harmful. This can lead to gas problems.

    Cucumber and watermelon: Water-rich fruits like cucumber and watermelon are known to improve digestion and relieve constipation, but eating them After this, if you drink a lot of water immediately, then there may be a disturbance in your stomach. You may have loose motion problems.

    Oranges, pineapples and grapes: Eat fruits with citric acid, this already leads to excess water, and after that when we When we consume water, the pH level of our body gets disturbed and problems like indigestion can occur.

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