Dogs can easily recognize when we are under stress – research

Dog detect human stress: There can be nothing more loyal among animals than a dog. A dog is a great companion for human beings. Often he saves his master by playing on his life. Now a new study has found that if the owner is under stress or is suffering from depression, anxiety, then the dog gets to know about it earlier. It has been found in the study that when physiological stress comes into action in the human body, then a psychological process starts in the brain. Due to this there is a change in our breathing and sweating. According to the study, the dog can accurately identify this change. The study claimed that when humans are under stress, the dog can recognize this stress with 93.75 percent accuracy. The study is published in PLOS One.

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Dog senses panic attacks
According to ScienceDaily, the study states that when odor is released from the body, it produces chemical signals which develop into communication inside the human being. Since the dog has an amazing ability to smell and has a historical connection with humans, it can recognize that a person is in depression or anxiety by smelling this smell. Not only this, the dog also recognizes post traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks etc. In the study, the researchers were surprised when the dogs recognized this chemical signal.

accuracy level 93 percent
In a new study, researchers took samples of breath and sweat from some non-smokers. These people had not consumed alcohol recently. The sample was taken some time ago and is still taken. That is, samples were taken twice from the same person. Now they were asked about the stress level. Apart from this, heart rate and blood pressure were also measured. Some tasks were given to these people. Of these, 36 people said that they got stressed due to work. Those who had stress, their heart beat and BP were increased. After this, four breed dogs were trained for this work. The trained dogs were given all human samples and asked to identify the stress samples. The dogs separated the stressed sample with great accuracy. The accuracy level was 93 percent.

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