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Don’t worry about premature aging, how to manage it


Do not ignore the changes in the skin that occur before age.
Take protein and multivitamins for skin and hair.
Moisturize the skin to reduce the signs of premature aging.

Premature Aging: Wrinkles, white hair and other physical problems on the skin start increasing with age. By the way, this is a common process that starts appearing on the face and body. But sometimes this problem related to the skin starts at an early age, which is called pre-mature aging in the medical term. Changes due to premature aging cannot be completely prevented but it can be managed. The symptoms of pre-mature aging can be reduced by making the right changes in the skin care routine made in the daily routine. Let’s know the ways to avoid pre-mature aging-

reduce sunspots
If sunspots start appearing on the skin at an early age, then it indicates weak skin cells. On the other hand, the harmful rays emanating from the sun are also believed to have a worse effect on the skin. Therefore, to protect yourself from these harmful rays, use sunscreen with at least 30 SPF every day. Apart from this, before going out, cover the skin completely with cotton and light colored cloth.

Doing this will help prevent sunspots from growing, protect the skin from strong sunlight and pollution as well. Apart from this, products containing aloe vera, vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids can be used to reduce sunspots. But if the problem is more and the solution is not being found with home remedies, then in such a situation a doctor should be contacted.

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prevent hyperpigmentation
The problem of hyperpigmentation can also be premature aging at times. Therefore, in such a situation, using a moisturizer or over-the-counter cream or taking medicines containing vitamin-C can be beneficial.

reduce wrinkles
If wrinkles start appearing on the face at an early age, then it can be a sign of pre-mature aging. Sunscreen can be used to reduce wrinkles. On the other hand, people who smoke more may start wrinkles at a young age. So do not smoke and drink more water. Along with this, do not forget to moisturize the skin two to three times. Beauty products containing green tea extract, vitamin-C, retinoids and anti-oxidants can prove to be helpful to remove wrinkles.

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take care of hair
Hair growth also gets affected with age. If there is a problem of pre-mature aging, take special care of hair. Therefore, you can use herbal shampoo and conditioner to prevent hair fall. Avoid using chemicals to keep hair healthy.

Keeping these small things in mind can help in avoiding not only pre-mature aging but also other skin problems.

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