Dry fruits are not filled in this samosa, people have to wait

Om Prayas / Haridwar. If you are in Haridwar and thinking of eating something different, in which you will get amazing taste, then this news is for you. By the way, in Haridwar, there are delicious and delicious food shops at a distance of every five steps, while near the world famous Har Ki Pauri, in Moti Bazar, the ancient shop of the people of Mathura (Mathura Walon ki Pracheen Dukan), which has been running since the British era. Keeping in mind the taste, many food items are available. Similarly, at this shop which has been running since the British era, you will also find delicious creamy samosas.

You will not find this Malai Samosa anywhere else in Haridwar. If you want to eat malai wala samosa, then you have to go to the ancient shop of Mathura people in Moti Bazar near Har Ki Pauri, where you will get to eat malai samosa.

30 rupees is the cost of one samosa
This sour cream samosa is very tasty and tastes amazing. The cost of this samosa is just Rs.30. This cream samosa is made in a special way at the ancient shop of Mathura people. The upper layer of this samosa is filled with milk cream and some special and tasty things are filled inside it.

People come from far and wide to eat
Shop owner Suraj Pal Singh says that there is a crowd of customers at his shop all the time. Devotees who come to Haridwar to bathe in the Ganges, like sweets, potato puri, potato kachori at his shop, but most of all they like malai samosas. In fact, many times Malai Samosa remains in waiting. People have to wait for hours for creamy samosas.

He further told that they get creamy samosas only from 12 noon to 6 pm. While we asked about the recipe for making samosas with cream, they told that this samosa is made from cream, mawa and dry fruits. The taste of this samosa is amazing. There is a crowd of customers at the shop to eat samosas. If you also want to taste this creamy samosa, then you should come to the ancient shop of Mathura people in Moti Bazar near Har Ki Pauri. You will get this samosa for ₹ 30.

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