Due to these mistakes, there is a problem in digesting pulses, learn how to digest them properly.

how to digest Dal Or Pulses Easily: For better health, it is important that we include more and more proteins, iron, vitamins and minerals etc. in our diet. In such a situation, pulses are such a thing, which can easily supply them in your body. Especially if you are a vegetarian, lentils should be an integral part of your diet. The problem of many people is that they are not able to digest lentils. Many people start having gas, heaviness or other stomach related problems after eating lentils. In such a situation, the question arises that why lentils are not digestible for everyone? ayurvedic doctor Dr. Varalakshmi Yanamandra Has shared some information related to this on his Instagram, in which he told that you can make pulses digestible in a very simple way. Let’s know how.

ways to digest lentils

pulses need to be soaked
When you make lentils, before that soak it in water for 4 to 6 hours. Doing this helps in rehydrating the lentils, so that you can digest the lentils easily.

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don’t cook with sour things
Let us tell you that if you add sour things like lemon etc. while cooking the dal, it will prevent the dal from cooking properly, so anytime after cooking dal add lemon or tamarind etc. to it. Due to this it will not cause any problem in digestion.

add salt at the end
Do not add salt while cooking the lentils. Often people add salt to pulses to cook them quickly, but it would be better if you add salt after cooking it.

Get the food combination right
Never eat pulses mixed with milk products. Also, always cook it with spices like asafoetida, bay leaf, ajwain. Use fats like ghee and sesame oil in this.

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need to wash better
It is important to clean canned or packaged pulses thoroughly before use. When the dal is cooked, make sure to remove the frothy layer on top. Keeping these things in mind, you can easily eat pulses and keep your digestion healthy.

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