Dust allergy wreaks havoc in summer, doctor said – keep this thing in mind while leaving the house, otherwise you will get upset


People who are allergic to dust should take special precautions in this season.
In case of excessive allergy, instead of self-treating, a doctor should be consulted.

Dust Allergy Prevention Tips: In the summer season, the dust in the atmosphere increases. Hot winds blow in the afternoon and when there is a thunderstorm, dust spreads everywhere. People with dust allergy have to face a lot of trouble in this season. Whenever he comes out of the house, he starts sneezing because of the dust. This problem gradually increases and people also start having difficulty in breathing. Now the question arises that those who are suffering from dust allergy, what should they keep in mind in this season. How do they deal with this problem? Also, how can be prevented from dust allergy.

of New Delhi Dr. Bhagwan Mantri, Pulmonologist at Moolchand Hospital It is said that all kinds of allergies increase when the weather changes. These days the cases of dust allergy are also increasing. Many people start sneezing as soon as they leave the house. Some people see mild symptoms of dust allergy, while many people see severe symptoms of dust allergy. When the allergy becomes excessive, then the condition of asthma starts to arise. Those who are suffering from allergies, they must get their test done by meeting a doctor in this season. From these tests, it can be known that how much allergy is there and on the basis of that the medicine is given to the patients. The symptoms of all patients are different and treatment is done according to the symptoms.

If you leave the house, then definitely do this work

According to Dr. Bhagwan Mantri, people suffering from dust allergy must wear a mask while going out of the house. This will give them relief from dust allergy. Everyone should use a mask, whether they are allergic or not. Allergy patients should take the medicine given by the doctor on time and should not be negligent in any way. If the problem is more, then a doctor should be consulted. Self-medication should be avoided. If suddenly there is more trouble, then over the counter anti allergic medicine can be used.

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Do periodic checkups

According to the doctor, people suffering from allergies must get their checkup done from time to time, so that the level of allergy can be detected. Some people have acute allergies and some people have different types of allergies. According to everyone’s condition, it is decided whether they should be treated regularly or the problem can be solved by treatment for some time. For this, tests should be done according to the doctor’s advice. It should be kept in mind that if the allergy becomes excessive, then it can become the cause of asthma. In such a situation, everyone should be alert.

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