Earnings of companies will increase with 4-day working! Employees will also forget work from home, shocking revelation in research


Companies have given this trial an average score of 7.5 out of 10.
This has increased the efficiency of the people and the revenue of the companies.
During the new work week trial, people also reduced taking holidays.

New Delhi. Debate has started all over the world on the formula of 4 working days and 3 days off in a week. The results of a big research done on 4-day working have come recently and it has surprised everyone. It has been told that if companies keep 4 working days in a week, then their earnings will increase. This will increase the productivity of the employees and they will be able to work with more dedication. In the research, a solution has also been given to the confusion of calling the employees back to the office after work from home.

This was the first such large-scale research on the 4-day working week. 33 companies participated in it and its results were revealed on Tuesday. Research results found that the new work week increased employee productivity, decreased vacation time, and increased company turnover. Also, the employees who were working under this no regime showed more interest in working from office than working from home. The companies gave 9 out of 10 marks to this new experiment.

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2-day weekend out of date
Juliet Shore, the chief researcher of this research, has said that now people are unable to work since the 2-day weekend. He said, “In many countries, the work week made in 1938 is going on and it does not match the lifestyle of the present time. Keeping in mind the health of those who are employed, it is very important that changes are made in the old structure of the work week. Juliet Shore is an economist and sociologist at Boston College.

Where did the trial take place
Many researches are yet to be done in this direction and the latest data has been prepared on the basis of initial results of this research series. It is being operated by a New Zealand agency. This is a pilot project of 6 months. The trial in the US and Canada started last month. At the same time, the trial in South African and European companies will start from the coming February. As the research progresses, researchers will adapt their data accordingly and see how effective it is for companies. Initial data was taken in the US, Ireland and Australia. 969 employees were involved in this. For 10 months, their working days were reduced and there was no cut in salary.

response of companies
The new work week looks better for the employees, but are the companies also agreeing to it? The answer to this has also been found in research. The revenue of the companies increased by 8 percent during the trial. At the same time, compared to the same time last year, it saw an increase of 38 percent. Companies gave this trial an average score of 7.5 out of 10, which shows the positive impact of this trial on the companies. There was also a decline in employee absenteeism. Apart from this, the number of resignations decreased slightly while new recruitments increased slightly. John Leland, CTO of crowdfunding company Kickstarter, said that the commitment of employees towards work has never been seen so much before. He said that the company started the pilot project in September and has now adopted the 4-day working week permanently.

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