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Eat fruit cream full of energy and strength in fasting, know the recipe of making fruit cream

Fruit Cream Recipe: Most of the people are worried about what to eat during the fast, which will give energy to the body and taste the food. You can eat fruit cream during fasting. It is very tasty to eat fruit cream rich in sweet and fresh fruits.

In summer, people eat fruit cream as a sweet dish or when guests come to the house. You can eat fruit cream by adding fruits and nuts of your choice. With this, energy will remain in the body on the day of fasting. From children to elders, everyone likes the taste of fruit cream.

Let us know how to make healthy and absolutely delicious fruit cream and which fruits are added to it?

Ingredients for making Fruit Cream

To make fruit cream, you need 400 grams of fresh milk cream. Add about 70 grams of sugar powder to it. You can add fruits like 1 apple, 1 ripe sweet mango, 1 pomegranate seeds, few ripe grapes, 2 large bananas according to your choice and season. You can also add nuts. About 6-7 cashews, 6-7 almonds, 2 tbsp raisins can be put in it.

fruit cream recipe

1- To prepare the fruit cream, first whip the cream with a whip machine.
2- The cream has to be whipped till it becomes slightly thick. Now add sugar to the cream and mix it well. If you want, keep the cream in the fridge.
3- Now wash and peel all the fruits that you put in the fruit and cut them finely.
4- Cut the banana and grapes into small pieces.
5- Peel the pomegranate and take out the grains. If you do not like the taste of pomegranate or want to make very soft cream, then you can leave out pomegranate.
6- Cut cashew-almonds into small pieces and clean the raisins.
7- Mix all the chopped fruits in the whipped cream while stirring well.
8- After this add all the dryfruits and mix the cream well.
9- Fruit cream rich in fruits and dry fruits is ready. You can keep it in the fridge and eat it for several days.
10- Serve fruit cream to the guests coming home. Garnish with some pomegranate seeds on the fruit cream during serving.

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