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Eating gram flour pakodas with tea is harmful, know what to avoid


Turmeric-rich or cold snacks with tea cause acidity.
Besan pakodas and tea can cause problems in digestion.

Food Items to Avoid With Tea : A cup of hot tea, after a long day’s fatigue, removes all the tiredness. There is some magic of tea, which even after having thousands of drinks, no one has been able to take its place till date. For tea lovers, drinking tea is like an essential daily routine. There are so many tea options available like lemon tea, black tea, ginger tea, green tea. Tea is considered a refreshing drink to relieve fatigue. Often tea is drunk twice a day even in homes. Sometimes with biscuits and sometimes with hot pakoras. The point to be noted here is what should and should not be eaten with tea. Let us know some food items which can be harmful for you to eat with tea.

Consuming these foods with tea is harmful

Gram Flour – According to Times of India.com, it is common to eat gram flour pakoras with tea, but it can cause digestive issues. By taking them together, the body is unable to absorb many nutrients from these two, it is better to abstain from taking them together.

Lemon – Lemon tea is considered to be the best option for weight loss. Acid prepared by mixing lemon juice and tea leaves can cause bloating in the stomach. Apart from this, drinking lemon tea on an empty stomach in the morning can also cause heartburn, acid reflux and acidity. However, things containing lemon should not be eaten with tea. Doing so can cause acidity and stomach related problems.

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Turmeric – The chemical composition of both tea and turmeric instructs them not to be taken together. By doing this, there may be a problem of gas, constipation or acidity in the stomach. To avoid this, do not eat turmeric food items while taking tea sips.

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cold snacks – Often people like to eat cold hot food together, but health is disliked to do so. Avoid consuming anything cold for about half an hour after drinking hot tea, doing so will not only have a bad effect on the digestive process, but it can also cause nausea.

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