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Ekbhukt fasting and Surya Arghya donation in Ashadh gives victory over enemies, fulfills wishes

Aashad Month: According to the Hindu calendar, the fourth month of the year is of Ashadha. It starts raining in this month. This time is very favorable for saint society. At this time, they stop at one place and worship God. There is a belief in Hinduism that Chaturmas starts with the month of Ashadh. No auspicious work is done during this time. Because all the gods go to their bedrooms. Devshayani or Harishayani fast is also observed in this month. It is believed that by observing a fast in the month of Ashadha and donating Arghya to the Sun God, one gets victory over the enemies.

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When a person consumes only one type of food once in the afternoon, including day and night (24 hours) and observes a fast for the whole day. So this type of fast is called Ekabhukta fast. Keeping the Ekabhukt fast in Ashadh is believed to fulfill the wishes.

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  1. There is a belief in Hinduism that the rain starts during the month of Ashadh. Due to which the digestive power becomes weak. Eating too much can cause stomach problems. That is why Ekabhukta fast should be observed in this month.
  2. In the month of Ashadh, one should donate khatau, umbrella, salt and gooseberry to saints and brahmins. Lord Vishnu is pleased with this and financial benefits are obtained.
  3. There is also a law to worship the Sun God in the month of Ashadh.
  4. People who have weak Sun in their horoscope. They should donate wheat, red sandalwood, jaggery and copper utensils in red cloth this month to a qualified Brahmin. This pleases the Sun God.
  5. Eat food without salt on every Sunday of the month of Ashadha. It gives freedom from physical diseases.
  6. In the month of Ashadh, getting up before sunrise in the morning gives immense benefits. The body can be kept healthy by doing Surya Namaskar and Pranayama.
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