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Electricity bill increases every month, so try these easy tips to reduce


To reduce power consumption, keep the fridge at normal temperature.
Switch off all electronic switches when not needed.
Keep AC service regular and use low watt fans and lights in the house.

Tips to Reduce House Electricity Bill : Most of the people are very worried about the electricity bill coming in their house. Even after making lakhs of efforts for the whole month, the electricity bill does not take the name of being reduced. By increasing the electricity bill every month, it can spoil the entire budget of the house, but in such a situation, the problem is how to reduce the use of essential things like fridge, lights, TV, heater, machine, fan and cooler etc. There are many small measures to minimize the use of electricity, by which you can save some money by reducing the consumption of electricity in your house in advance.

Along with keeping your household budget right, you can also make a significant contribution to the protection of the environment by reducing the consumption of electricity. Today we have brought some easy tips for you, by following which you can significantly reduce the electricity bill at home. Let’s know.

Try these simple tips to reduce electricity bill

  • Nowadays fans of new technology are available in the markets in very low watts. You can replace the fans of your house and install low watt fans to avoid the cost of electricity in the long run. By doing this, the power consumption in the fans can be reduced by almost half.

  • Ask all the people in the house to turn off the lights and fans of the house if not needed and follow it seriously and use maximum sunlight during the day.
  • While using kitchen appliances such as electronic kettles in the house, take special care of their cleanliness, because due to the accumulation of more salt in this kettle, electricity can be spent more.
  • Keep the temperature of the fridge normal because keeping it at low temperature consumes more electricity.
  • Instead of using the dryer, you can use natural sunlight by washing clothes in the washing machine, by this you can save electricity.
  • Avoid keeping the AC in direct sunlight, it consumes more electricity and get the AC mesh cleaned regularly, this can reduce the power consumption significantly.
  • After using any electronic item, immediately turn off the switch, not turning off the switch also increases the bill.

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