Eliminate gas problem by giving massage to small children, know the best ways

Massage To Relieve Gas: some A few days after the birth of babies, they start producing gas. Sometimes this gas gets cured in a few days and sometimes it takes six to seven months to recover. When the child takes in more air while drinking milk, then he gets to see the problem of gas. In such situations, if the baby’s stomach is massaged, then it can get relief and the child can be saved from gas in the future as well. Massaging the baby’s stomach brings out the air that has gone inside and the child also gets relief. Let us know which massage can get rid of the problem of gas in the child.

Massage will give relief
Massage the baby’s abdomen in circular motion. From the navel of the child, divide the lower and upper part in the form of half half. First, massage from left to right with the right hand. Then massage in the form of a circle. Continue the massage for some time like this.

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follow this method also
Place your thumb on the baby’s tummy and move it in an up and down manner. Do this twice above the navel. Do it twice on both sides and twice under the navel. Massage the baby’s stomach with the help of your fingers from left to right. Do push and pull near the navel.

know another way
Lift both the legs of the child and massage his stomach. Bring his feet towards the navel. Massage his stomach in this motion. aTry massaging the baby’s stomach from left to right in the form of letters like I love you. Make only the letters I L and U with your finger.

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