Enjoy single life even after marriage! The fast growing trend of weekend marriage will blow your mind


Through weekend marriage, couples live life according to their wishes for the whole week.
Due to staying away for the whole week, the possibility of quarrels between couples reduces.

All About Weekend Marriage: It is believed that after marriage people get bound in the bondage of responsibilities. They are not able to enjoy life by being independent like single people. This is the reason why many people in the world are preferring to be single instead of getting married. Many celebrities are also included in these. Even after getting married, if you get a chance to live a single life, would you let it go? The answer for most people would be never. One such concept is becoming very popular in Japan these days. Here a new trend of marriage has come, in which people get married and also enjoy single life. After all, what is this matter, which is pulling people towards it. You must also know about this interesting trend.

In weekend marriage, married couples spend good time with each other only on weekends and fulfill their commitments. In the rest of the week, live life on your own terms. Through this, couples can enjoy living a single life even after marriage. This method is proving to be excellent for those couples whose interests and lifestyles are different. Throughout the week, they live life according to their wish and work on each other’s wish on the weekend. After adopting this concept, couples do not need to follow each other’s lifestyle.

Quarrels are less, spend quality time

Couples adopting weekend marriage spend less time with each other. Therefore, the chances of quarrels also reduce. When couples meet after a whole week, they become more romantic than in two days. Couples who are together all the time often do not have much to talk about with each other. When they meet each other after a whole week, they have a lot to tell each other. They can share funny and challenging events from their life. This way they can spend quality time together. This is proving to be a great way to feel close and connected with the partner.

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Bonding becomes strong, energy increases

When married couples adopt the method of weekend marriage, then they are able to spend more quality time, because both people are full of energy. The burden of work or other responsibilities is less on weekends and the chances of being busy are also less. It is believed that within two days, couples strengthen their bonding, which is not possible even after living together for 7 days. They deeply connect with each other on weekends and enjoy it. In this concept, people get personal space and they are able to do all their work in a better way.

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