Environmental pollution wreaking havoc on children and pregnant women, know its effect


Due to air pollution, the problem of respiratory patients increases.
Every year lakhs of people are falling ill due to water pollution.

Environmental Pollution Effects on Health: The way pollution is increasing in our environment for the last few decades, it is not only difficult for now but it is also becoming challenging for the future in many ways. Environmental challenges are taking a toll on our health. Its side effects are being seen especially on the elderly, economically weak, pregnant women and children. Many types of air, water, sound pollution are increasing and its direct impact is on heart attack, cancer and serious diseases. Which pollution is the most dangerous and how to prevent it. On the occasion of World Environment Day, let us know the answers to all these questions from the experts.

Environmentalist Bharti Chaturvedi says that pollution is such a problem, which still remains a challenge and will remain challenging even further. Today is World Environment Day and plastic is being discussed a lot on this occasion. We should think about the use of plastic. If we do not reduce the use of plastic, then it will go into our bodies. Already plastic is being found in the body. There are many chemicals in plastic, which cause great harm to health and are extremely dangerous.

There is no need to say much about water pollution. This in itself is very dangerous. This is the biggest problem, to reduce which India is engaged. Sewage management is the biggest problem. Millions of people are affected by water pollution and it makes many sick. There are many people in India who try and constantly talk about keeping the environment good. For this we all have responsibility and everyone’s contribution is necessary.

In this regard, Dr. Neelam said that pollution has increased and it is directly affecting our health. Talking about air pollution, all kinds of respiratory problems and many serious lung cancers are also being reported. People who have sinus problems, frequent sore throat, difficulty in breathing due to change of season, all these problems increase due to pollution. Apart from air pollution, the ultraviolet rays also cause many infections.

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Nowadays people are seeing that a lot of waste gets dumped in the water. This greatly spoils the quality of water. There are creatures living in water, they keep decreasing. Stomach problems can occur repeatedly due to pollution and infection can occur. Small children and the elderly face a lot of problems due to water being polluted. It has been seen in the last decades that pollution has increased by 9 to 10 percent. It is also estimated that if pollution is not stopped in this way, then there will be a lot of damage to the health. It is very important for us to understand our responsibility and contribute to the environment.

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