Even after makeup, spots are visible on the face? Follow the right way to hide pigmentation, follow these tips

Makeup Tips To Hide Pigmentation, The problem of pigmentation reduces all the beauty of the face. We resort to make-up to hide the spots on the face, but sometimes they are visible on the face despite the make-up. In such a situation, in the process of covering them, the makeup either becomes cakey or the fine lines on the face become more visible. In such a situation, we tell you which makeup steps you can follow to make your look spotless and flawless.

Do makeup like this to hide pigmentation

start with primer
First apply a good quality primer on your clean face. It closes your skin pores, so that the makeup on the face can stay flawless for a long time.

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Orange color character required
If you are struggling with the problem of hyperpigmentation, then you will need an orange color corrector more than a concealer. This will work to correct the discoloration of your face. But if you do not have it at the moment, then apply orange lipstick or red lipstick on those places and blend it well.

Now apply foundation
Now you use foundation to conceal the color corrector. It would be better if you use full coverage foundation. It will give full coverage without making your face cakey.

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do conceal
After applying foundation, take a gap of 5 minutes and see in the mirror whether the coverage is working or not. Now there is still some scope, then you should use concealer. It would be better if you use 1 shade lighter concealer.

make up set
Now use pressed powder or loose powder to set the makeup. If your face is dry then you can use pressed powder. For this you can use a furry brush. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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