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EWS Reservation: Will the private and business sector also be affected, read a detailed report


This reservation is for the economically weaker section.
Whose family annual income is less than Rs.8 lakh.
Those who have less than 5 acres of agricultural land.

New Delhi. The Supreme Court gave a big decision on Monday. In this decision, the top court upheld the amendment of the constitution to give 10 percent reservation to the general category people on economic grounds. Although this amendment talks only about reservation in education and government jobs, but at the same time many questions are also being raised. Like who will benefit from this reservation in the right way, will it have an impact in the private sector as well, especially on jobs.

At the same time, another big question which is in front is whether this reservation can in any way affect the business sector or activities related to it. You will find answers to all these questions in this special report.

First understand the decision…
In simple language, this reservation is for those people who are financially weak i.e. whose annual family income is less than 8 lakh rupees. Although this category will come under the 50 percent already reserved category, the remaining 50 percent has not been touched.

how many will benefit
According to IHDS (Indian Human Development Survey) 2012, the general category population in India is 27.3 percent of the total estimated. Now out of this, only 2.28 percent of the forward castes are such whose income is more than 8 lakh rupees. Now if we look at it in another way, then more than 25 percent people will come under the purview of this reservation. Although some changes are possible over time in this, so this figure may change somewhat in today’s context.

Now about the private sector
There is also a big question in the minds of people regarding private jobs whether the benefit of 10 percent reservation will be available in them too. So the straight answer is no. The benefit of this reservation will be available only in government jobs.

In this regard, Supreme Court lawyer Virag Gupta says that due to the recognition of the EWS law after the decision of the Supreme Court, its effect will be seen in the private sector as well. EWS reservation will also be implemented in private colleges and unaided educational institutions. There is no provision in the law to implement EWS reservation in private sector jobs. But in many states including Haryana, a law has been made for reservation in the private sector on a regional basis. Therefore, going forward, there may be a demand for reservation in private sector jobs on economic basis.

Impact on business sector
Looking at the current decision and the amendment in the reservation made earlier, it does not seem to have anything to do with the business sector. However, in the long run, whatever negative or positive changes will happen in the country due to this reservation, it will definitely have some effect on every sector. But no conclusion can be reached about this soon.

Now some general information
After all these things, another big question in the mind of all the people coming in this category is about making EWS certificate. This is a very simple process and for this you have to download the EWS certificate form from the National Government Service Portal. After filling this form, you will have to submit the form to the Patwari or Lekhpal in Tehli. After this, it will go to the Tehsildar for all the verification and stamping. If all your information is correct, then in 21 days you will get the certificate of EWS category. This certificate will be valid for one year and will have to be renewed every year.

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