Exclusive: EV manufacturers in trouble, government stops FAME subsidy, audit also intensified

New Delhi. The government has now tightened its noose on electric vehicle manufacturers. The government has taken this decision after complaints about the subsidy being received continuously. According to the exclusive information received from sources by CNBC and News18, the government has temporarily stopped the FAME subsidy and the audit on these companies has also been intensified. Along with this, DHI distribution has also been reduced to ensure the investigation process.

According to the information, many famous brands are also included in the companies whose subsidy has been stopped by the government. The subsidy of Rs 500 to 600 crores of all these has been stopped. All these companies are now being investigated and strict action has also been indicated against the mess found regarding subsidy.

Which companies stopped subsidy

  • Hero Electric
  • okinawa
  • Ampere
  • Thukral Electric
  • Victory Electric

Government can withdraw
At the same time, sources also say that strict action will be taken after finding something wrong with regard to subsidy. Along with this, the amount of subsidy given earlier to these companies can also be withdrawn. However, a decision is yet to be taken in this regard. Senior officials of the government are engaged in completing this investigation. The accounts of the companies are being continuously audited and all the accounts related to the subsidies being taken earlier and at present have also been summoned.

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