Exercise should not be done everyday! The cardiologist who treated Sushmita Sen told the reason, you will be shocked to know


It is very important to get 7-8 hours of sleep before going to the gym.
Exercising daily can cause harm to the body.

How Much Exercise Do You Need: Exercising is considered very beneficial for health. Exercising improves overall health and can also reduce the risk of many diseases. Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen revealed earlier this month that she had suffered a heart attack, but being physically active saved her life. A few weeks after this revelation, Dr. Rajeev Bhagwat, the cardiologist who treated Sushmita Sen, told many shocking things about the actress in an interview. In this, he told how Sushmita Sen’s life was saved and what things people should keep in mind regarding exercise.

Mumbai-based cardiologist Rajeev Bhagwat had told in an interview to Economic Times that Sushmita Sen is a fitness freak and she remains physically active. By exercising properly, Sushmita Sen suffered less damage during the heart attack and could save her life. People’s health gets many benefits from active physical life and heart health gets strengthened. If exercise is done properly, diseases can be prevented to a great extent. Excessive exercise by going to the gym can also prove to be harmful. That’s why workouts should be done with precautions.

Exercise this many days a week

According to the cardiologist treating the actress, everyone should exercise only 3 to 4 days a week. Exercise should not be done everyday. After a workout, the body should be given time to recover from the strain of exercise. If the body does not get enough time to recover, then you will not get the benefit of exercising. Exercising continuously without adequate sleep and rest can worsen hormone levels. Due to this, big dangers can arise regarding physical and mental health.

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too much gym is also dangerous

According to the doctor, people should take many precautions even during the gym. Excessive gym should not be done and should go to the gym only after getting 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Gym should not be made a fashion and it should be considered as a healthy activity. Excessive gymming can be dangerous for health and many big dangers can arise from it. Many people are dying because of not getting enough sleep before going to the gym.

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