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Expensive compact powder breaks, so don’t throw it away and use it again

Compact powder is considered to be the foundation of makeup, real makeup starts only after applying compact powder on the face, so everyone has compact powder in their homes. Actually, the compact powder helps in removing the excess oil accumulated on the face as well as keeps the sweat away and also gives a glowing look to the face. Such is the magic of compact powder, makeup remains incomplete without it. However, maintaining it is also no less than a challenge. Many times buy expensive compact powder and when it breaks due to some mistake then it hurts a lot. When applying makeup, often due to messiness, compact powder tends to fall and break. Some people throw it out as a waste. They wonder what to do with a broken compact powder, but instead of throwing it away, you can reuse it in many ways. You can also re-use a broken compact from the right end. know how?

Make compact powder new again with the help of zip pouch

1- Take the broken compact powder
2- Take a small zip pouch
3- Put the compact powder in the zip pouch and make it completely in the form of powder.
4- Take a sieve, and filter the compact powder kept in the zip pouch in a clean vessel.
5- By doing this your broken compact will be like brand new.

Make a broken compact new with the help of surgical spirit
You will get surgical spirit very easily in any pharmacy. You can also buy it online.

1- Take a bottle of surgical spirit
2- Take the broken compact powder
3- Add about 2-3 drops of surgical spirit to the broken compact powder
4- Mix the compact well with a brush or any sharp object, so that the surgical spirit can mix well
5- With the help of spoon, make the compact in a single layer properly and wait till it dries.
6- Put the broken compact in another box or pouch, it will become brand new

Renew a shattered compact with rubbing alcohol
You will find rubbing alcohol very easily in any pharmacy and if you cannot find it, then you will definitely get it online.

1- Get a bottle of rubbing alcohol
2- Take the broken or scattered compact powder
3- Add 5-6 drops of rubbing alcohol to the broken compact itself
4- Mix the compact powder and rubbing alcohol well with the end of a toothpick or any sharp object.
5- After mixing, keep the compact in a single layer with the help of a spoon
6- Leave well to dry
7- The scattered compact will become brand new

Broken compact powder will be cured with the help of water
Most of the people use this method because there is no hassle in it. You can easily fix a broken compact in just a few hours.

1- Take water in a bowl
2- Take the broken compact powder
3- Put a few drops of water in it, keep in mind that not much water should go into the compact or else it can get completely spoiled.
4- After adding water, mix it well with the help of a toothpick.
6- With the help of a spoon, keep it in a single layer
7- After making the layer, leave it to dry
8- Within 24 hours your compact will be made brand new

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