exposure! Twitter’s secret team used to blacklist users, how was the company’s environment before Elon Musk


It is alleged that a team of Twitter of the old management used to make blacklists of users.
The previous management of Twitter has rejected Bari Wise’s allegations.
Elon Musk has defended Twitter’s previous CEO Jack Dorsey on this matter.

New Delhi. The social media platform Twitter has been in constant headlines ever since Elon Musk’s takeover. A few days ago there was news of a large number of employees being fired from Twitter. Now it is again in discussion regarding the disclosure of some hidden activities adopted by the previous management of Twitter.

Bari Weiss, the editor of ‘The Free Press’ on Twitter, has made this allegation while disclosing this, in which he has made several tweets. It is being called ‘Twitter files part 2’. Elon Musk has also retweeted these tweets of Bari Wise.

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What happened in this thread?
Bari Wise has revealed in a tweet that a team of Twitter employees from the old management used to blacklist users. Such tweets which were not liked, prevented them from trending. While actively limiting the visibility of all Twitter accounts and even trending issues without informing the users. This whole work was done in a secret manner. He further said in his tweet, “Twitter had a mission to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without any barriers. But still obstacles were created for the users.

The previous management dismissed the allegations.
Although the previous management of Twitter has rejected the allegations of Bari Wise. He says that there was no such thing as a ban. Bari Wise says that tools like ‘Visibility Filtering or VF’ were used by Twitter employees and executives to search any user or to reduce or block the reach of any tweet.

Musk defends former CEO Jack Dorsey
However, Twitter’s new chief Elon Musk has defended Twitter’s previous CEO Jack Dorsey while responding to a tweet on the matter. He has said that Jack Dorsey had no involvement in any of this. He came to the defense of the former CEO of Twitter and termed all these claims as baseless. Musk tweeted, “Controversial decisions were often made without Jack’s approval and he was unaware of systematic bias. He was running a prison house. Jack’s heart is pure.

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