Face wax is different from body parts waxing, keep these things in mind while getting it done

Skin care tips: Generally, most people prefer to get body wax done to get rid of unwanted hair from the skin. Threading and face wax are used to remove facial hair. Although face wax also looks very much like body wax. But do you know that face wax is completely different from other body parts wax. Therefore, it is important to keep some things in mind while getting face wax.

Actually getting wax on the face can prove to be a bit risky treatment. A slight mistake in face wax can cause irritation, itching, redness, rashes and marks on your face. Therefore, do not forget to take some precautions while getting waxing on the face instead of body wax. So let’s know about some important tips for getting face wax.

avoid waxing at home

Waxing at home keeps the chances of getting skin infection and rashes on your face. Do not do face wax at home like this. At the same time, you can take the help of a professional to get face wax done. With this, you will not be at risk of getting side effects of wax on the face.

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Pay attention to skin type

Do not forget to keep your skin type in mind while getting face wax done. At the same time, do not get face wax done on Astra sensitive and loose skin. Due to this, the problem of rashes and redness can be seen on your face.

icing on the face
Skin pores often open after waxing on the face. In such a situation, you can try face icing to close the open skin pores. Also, after icing, use moisturizer, sunscreen and anti-rash lotion on the face.

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Avoid facials
After getting waxed, you should avoid trying any beauty treatment on the face. Let us tell you that after waxing, the skin of the face becomes very sensitive. In such a situation, after face wax, facial or scrub should not be done for about two days. Also, after face wax, bleach should also be avoided for a week.

take care of these things
Do not use any kind of beauty product on the face before doing face wax. At the same time, while getting face wax done, wash and dry the face thoroughly and avoid getting facials done on the face before waxing. Apart from this, while doing face wax, do not remove the hair too fast by pulling it in the opposite direction. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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