Feeling negative energy in the house? Try these 6 remedies of Vastu, the difference will be visible from the first day itself.


Plant some such plants in the house which attract the positive energy of the house.
Sudden spoilage of finished work is considered a sign of negativity.

Vastu Tips For Negative Energy: We have often heard from people’s mouths that perhaps there is some negative energy in the house when bad incidents happen in the house. Many times the people of the house get tense after hearing the name of negative energy. Unwanted diseases and unnecessary discord start due to the negative energy spread in the house. We all know that only these incidents happening in the house can have an effect on any negative energy. It has often been seen that we try our best to be positive in life, but sometimes our life gets affected due to the presence of some bad energy. In such a situation, residents of Bhopal Astrologer and Vastu expert Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma Telling, how to know that there is negative energy in the house, and Vastu remedies to remove it.

effect of negative energy

Negative energy also becomes the cause of disputes and quarrels in the family. It makes the people of the house lazy and depressed. Due to which bitterness starts coming in the behavior of the person. Due to negativity, positive emotions start to end completely from the body and mind. Due to which people feel frustrated and tired.

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signs of negative energy in the house

  • We are surrounded by both positive and negative energies. If there is any negative energy or power in the house, then you get its signs.
  • Like frequent breakdown of household items and frequent breakdown of electric items.
  • Not being able to cure the illness of a family member even after prolonged treatment.
  • Without any reason, being excessively worried about something and coming to the state of depression.
  • Sudden spoilage of well made work.
  • Getting stuck in the last stage of getting the fruits of a good opportunity.
  • Feeling lethargic and tired all the time in all the members of the household.
  • Frequent negative thoughts in the mind and thinking about ending your life. All these can be signs of negative energy.

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how to remove negative energy

1.Now we all want that there should always be communication of positive energy in our house and negativity should go away from our house and our mind. To remove negative energy, always keep the entrance of your house clean, because the entrance of the house and the windows of the house play the most important role in bringing energy inside our house.
2.Apart from this, keep cleaning the door knobs and windows with water by adding lemon juice.
3.Mop with rock salt in the water used for cleaning the house every day.
4.If you feel that there is an evil eye in your house, then take three red chilies and some mustard seeds and salt in it and rotate it in a clockwise direction from the top of the head and burn it in the fire.
5.Tie 1.25 kg salt in a red cloth in the kitchen of the house and keep it at a place where no outsider can see it.
6.Plant some such plants in the house which attract the positive energy of the house.

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