Fig pudding helps in controlling diabetes, digestion is also better, make it easily

Anjeer Kheer Recipe: Whenever you feel like eating sweets, fig pudding can be prepared instantly. Apart from being tasty, figs are a fruit full of nutrition. Sugar patients can also eat fig kheer without worrying. The elements present in it help in controlling sugar. Along with this, consumption of figs also improves digestion. If you want to try a new sweet dish instead of rice or vermicelli kheer, then fig kheer can be a tasty and healthy option. It is also very easy to make.

Fig pudding can be prepared and eaten at any time. Its taste is liked by everyone from children to elders. If you have never tried the recipe of Anjeer ki Kheer, then our mentioned method can be very useful for you.

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Ingredients to make Anjeer Kheer
fig 14-15
Milk – 1 liter
Kharak – 5-6
Almonds – 10-12
Cashew – 10-12
Almonds soaked – 8-10
Soaked Pistachios – 8-10
Saffron threads – 1/4 tsp
Green cardamom – 4-5
Chopped almonds – 2 tsp
Condensed milk – 1 cup
Desi ghee – 2 tsp
sugar – as per taste

How to make Anjeer Kheer
To make the flavourful Anjeer Kheer, first wash and cut the figs into pieces. Now put 2 spoons of desi ghee in a pan and heat it on medium flame. Now put fig pieces in the pan and fry them on low flame. Fry the figs while stirring occasionally. Now put milk in a deep bottom vessel and put fried figs in it and keep it soaked for 4 to 5 hours.
Now put almonds and kharak pieces in the ghee of the pan and fry them. Fry the dry fruits while stirring with a spoon for 1 to 2 minutes. After that take them out and put them in a mixer jar. Also put green cardamom in the jar and grind all the ingredients. Once grinded, also put the figs soaked in milk in the jar and grind them. After this, take out the prepared mixture in a vessel.

Now fry the rest of the dry fruits in desi ghee. After this, pour the remaining milk in the pan and cook till it boils. When the milk starts boiling, add ginger paste to it and cook while stirring with the help of a spoon. After this add condensed milk to fig kheer and let the kheer boil on low flame. Now add sugar as per taste to the kheer and cook while stirring with a spoon.

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Now take two spoons of milk in a bowl and put saffron in it. After dissolving saffron in milk, add saffron milk to the kheer and mix it well. Now cover the kheer and cook for 5 minutes. After this turn off the gas. Fig kheer rich in taste and nutrition is ready. Serve it garnished with pistachio slices, fig pieces.

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