Flipkart made a brand, gave the idea of ​​earning crores, why Nandita Sinha’s name is discussed in the corporate world


Nandita Sinha became the Chief Executive Officer of Myntra in January 2022.
Nandita Sinha has more than 16 years of experience in E-commerce-FMCG sector.
He helped build the brand Flipkart and ran The Big Billion Days sale.

Success Story: in India myntra Is a popular online fashion market place. A woman is handling the reins of Mytra, an e-commerce website owned by the world’s largest company Wal-Mart, whose hard work and ability has made the company grow rapidly. The success story of Myntra CEO Nandita Sinha is very interesting.

Nandita Sinha became the Chief Executive Officer of Myntra in January 2022. Nandita Sinha has over 16 years of experience working in the E-commerce and FMCG sector. He started his career in Hindustan Unilever Limited and then also worked for Britannia. Nandita Sinha was also the co-founder of the e-commerce start-up

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Idea of ​​’Big Billion Days Sale’ given to Filpkart
Nandita Sinha joined Flipkart in 2013. Flipkart acquired Myntra. Nandita Sinha was with Flipkart for more than 8 years. During this, he led important assignments related to customer acquisition and development work. The special thing is that he helped make Flipkart a brand and ran The Big Billion Days Sale.

Let us tell you that Filpkart’s Big Billion Days Sale is a very popular sale, where customers get huge discounts and offers during the festive season. E-commerce platform Filpkart earns a lot through this sale. That’s why the credit for the idea of ​​this cell goes to Nandit Sinha, showing his talent.

Prior to taking over from Myntra in January 2022, Nandita Sinha was Vice President of Customer Growth, Media and Engagement at Flipkart. Nandita Sinha did her B-Tech from IIT, BHU and did her MBA in Marketing & Strategy from the prestigious Faculty of Management Studies (FMS). Nandita is originally from Lucknow.

Let us tell you that in the rapidly growing startup culture in India, many young entrepreneurs have come forward, who have not only built their business with their ability in a short time, but have also made a better identity. Women entrepreneurs also did not lag behind in this race. Girls are handling the reins of many big companies in the country. At the same time, the co-founders of some companies are young women entrepreneurs.

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