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Follow these 5 home remedies to protect grains and food items from insects in monsoon


Rice can be saved from insects with the help of big cardamom.
To keep insects away, put some cloves in the semolina box and leave it.

How To Remove Insect From GrainIn the rainy season, many types of ants or insects get caught in many food items of the kitchen. Then whether it is rice, semolina or any other grain. Because of these, removing them one by one before cooking seems to be a very tiring task. These insects come anywhere. Whether you have kept flour, rice, sugar or spices inside the box, they are easily accessible to them. In such a situation, the tips of grandmothers can be very useful. They are also quite easy, by trying which you can keep these insects away from grains etc. So let’s know how to get rid of these insects.

Ways to keep insects away from grains in rainy season

Add cardamom to rice
Rice can be saved from insects with the help of big cardamom. Insects will not only run away from its fragrance, your rice will always smell good.

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Add bay leaves to rice
Insects are easily caught in rice. To remove these insects, put some bay leaves in rice boxes and leave them. Worms will die from its smell and new insects will not be planted.

put cloves in semolina
If there are insects in the box of semolina, then you leave some cloves with them. Insects will either run out of its smell in minutes, they will die. If you want, you can also add cinnamon to it.

Add garam masala to the dough
Put bay leaves, cloves and black pepper in a cloth in the flour box. By doing this, there will never be any insects in the flour. This recipe is very good in rainy season.

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use garlic
You can also keep insects away from grains with the help of garlic. For this, you tie the dried garlic in a bundle and keep it in the boxes of lentils, rice and flour. Insects will stay away from its smell. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news 18 does not confirm these. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned specialist),

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