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Follow these 5 steps for social media detox, you will get mental peace and save time


Just as food is linked to physical health, social media is linked to mental health.
Use your gadget to learn something new. This will use your time properly

social media detox: We all have read and heard about mental, emotional and physical detox at one time or another. Detox simply means taking out the toxins inside, so that life goes on better. After the carelessness taken in eating and drinking, people adopt the path of body detox. One such detox treatment of all these types of detox is social media detox. It is becoming a necessity today.

Just as social media has become a part of our life, in the same way it also becomes the reason for our happiness and sorrow. Just as the connection of food is linked to physical health, so is the connection of social media to mental health. Today we are connected to this virtual world to such an extent that the things seen here affect us deeply. In such a situation, today with Youngminds, we tell you why social media detox is important and how to do it by taking out time in between.

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Why is a social media detox important?
Today we have so many options of social media, by adopting which we can easily pass our time. Not only this, along with this we can easily find out the latest trends, things happening in the country and the world and things going on in the life of those we know. A swipe or scroll fills us with information. The things going on in the lives of different people sometimes also have a negative effect on our mind, due to which we lose our mental peace. In such a situation, we need to take a break from our habit of being online all day on social media, otherwise this habit starts destroying our mental peace and self-satisfaction.

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Social media detox methods

  • It is difficult to end the habit of being active on social media for years and years. In such a situation, choose a detox time for yourself, when you know that you have many options to stay busy.
  • Put the phone in do not disturb or silent mode. Due to this, the sound of notification tune will not come to you again and again and your attention will be kept in your work.
  • People usually use social media when you have free time. In such a situation, join any activity in your free time, so that the use of media automatically starts decreasing.
  • Use your gadget to learn something new. With this, your time will be used properly and social media addiction will also be reduced.
  • Track how much time you are spending on social media every day. When you feel the time wasted, then you will start distancing yourself from social media.

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