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Follow these 5 tips to maintain the shine of clothes


The water temperature must be correct.
Detergent should be according to the clothing.
Delicate clothing should be washed with cold water.

Amazing Laundry Tips Cleaning clothes is a daily chore for some women. No matter how old you have been cleaning clothes, but there definitely comes a time when you feel that your clothes are not being cleaned properly. Especially white clothes, which get stained very quickly and whose stains are very difficult to remove, have to struggle a lot while cleaning. But with the help of some of today’s tips, it will be easier for you to shine clothes. Let us know which tips you can take help of to clean shining clothes.
Select the correct water temperature in the machine. If the fabric is very delicate, use cold water. This will prevent the fabric from shrinking, but if you are using human made fabric, then use lukewarm water.

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Using the right detergent is also very important. If you have normal clothes then you can use powder detergent, but if you have a little expensive and more delicate clothes then use liquid detergent only.

You should use detergent only in very less quantity, otherwise the detergent starts getting stuck in the clothes like soil and later its stains do not look good at all.
If the stain is to be removed, then at the time when the stain appears, immediately put it to wash or with the help of a little detergent, wipe the stain at the same time so that it can be cleaned later.

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Always wash clothes that are afraid of flying colours. Avoid drying them outside in the sun and if they have been dry outside for a short time, then dry them upside down. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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