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Follow these cooking tips to make pakodas, crispy and tasty pakodas will be made in minutes


Cut the vegetable for some time before and then add salt to it and keep it.
Only after heating the oil well, put the pakoras in it.

Cooking tips: Generally, most people like to eat pakodas. In such a situation, some people enjoy pakodas in monsoon. So many people are fond of enjoying pakodas while sipping tea in winter. So someone likes to eat pakodas in every season. Although many times the pakodas do not become crispy despite lakhs of efforts. Due to which the fun of eating pakodas remains incomplete. In such a situation, by trying some special methods, you can easily make the pakodas crispy and tasty.

From normal breakfast to a special occasion, hot crunchy pakodas are the favorite of many people. But most people ignore some special things while making pakodas. Due to which the dumplings become very soft and soft and the eaters also do not get the desired taste of the dumplings. So let’s know some smart tips for making pakodas, by following which you can prepare the best crispy pakodas in a pinch.

Make Pakoda Mixture
While making crispy pakodas, use cold water to make gram flour batter. Also, instead of pouring all the water at once, mix the gram flour gradually while adding water. This will prevent lumps in the gram flour. But keep in mind that the gram flour solution should not be too thin or thick. On the other hand, you can also mix rice or corn flour in the gram flour to make the pakoras crispy.

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vegetable cutting tips
For pakoras, cut the vegetables for some time before and then add salt to it and keep it. Keep in mind that avoid cutting the pakodas too thick or finely. On the other hand, instead of making pakodas from vegetables soaked in water, take them out on a towel and make pakodas only after the water dries up. This will make your pakodas crispy and crunchy.

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how to fry pakodas
Many times while making pakodas, people start frying the pakodas before the oil becomes hot, due to which the pakodas remain soft.

Only after heating such oil well, put the pakoras in it. Also, to make the pakoras crispy, cook it on low flame only. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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