Follow these easy tricks while washing clothes, the fragrance will be felt throughout the day

Tips And Tricks: Many people adopt many methods to keep clothes clean and tidy. Most people use the best detergent powder and soap to shine clothes. Despite this, many times the smell starts coming from the clothes. In such a situation, by using some things while washing clothes, you can easily make them aromatic. Due to sweat in summer and rainy season, the clothes start smelling of sweat. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to smell the clothes with common detergent. We are going to tell you some easy laundry tips that you can follow to make clothes smell free. Also, the smell will start coming from the clothes.

help with perfume
The use of perfume is quite common to get relief from the smell of clothes. By using perfume only while washing clothes, you can get rid of the smell completely. For this, after putting the clothes in the washing machine, add a little perfume too. With this, all your clothes will automatically smell.

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mix coffee beans
If you like the scent of coffee, you can also use coffee beans to make clothes smell good. For this, before washing clothes, put 4-5 coffee beans in the washing machine. This will make your clothes smell free as well as fragrance-rich.

use soap
Soaps generally have more fragrance than detergents. In such a situation, you can also use soap while washing clothes. For this, after putting the clothes in the washing machine, mix a small piece of aromatic soap in it. This will make your clothes smell naturally.

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try baking soda
Baking soda is the best to use to remove the smell of clothes. For this, while washing clothes, add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to the water. This will not only remove the dirt of the clothes, but the clothes will also be completely smudge free.

mint would be helpful
Using mint leaves to make clothes smell good can also be a good option. For this, while washing clothes, put 1 cup of mint leaf juice in water. This will automatically make the smell of clothes disappear. Also, you can smell the clothes by keeping mint leaves in the cupboard.

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