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Follow these simple tips to prevent dehydration in children


It is necessary to give sufficient amount of water to children while doing physical activity.
Wear light and light colored clothes while playing children.
To protect children from dehydration, take special care of their physical fitness.

Dehydration in Children- Young children often play, jump or do some physical activity, which can put them at risk of dehydration problem. Children have less ability to withstand hot temperatures than adults and they sweat less, due to which they can fall ill sooner. There can be many reasons for dehydration, due to which children can become victims of other diseases. Today we will tell you some very easy tips, by following which you can protect your child from the problem of dehydration. Let’s know-

Simple tips to prevent dehydration

It is important to know the physical fitness of children
According to Web MD, it is very important to know the physical condition of children to protect them from dehydration. According to health experts, dehydration is found more in children who are overweight, so children with obesity should choose morning or evening time instead of doing physical activity in high heat.

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give children plenty of water
Children run around and play all day long. While doing such physical activity, their body needs more water or electrolytes. That is why keep giving them water and glucose from time to time even without thirst, by doing this they avoid the problem of dehydration.

Take special care of children’s clothes
Wear soft, light weight and light colored clothes while playing children and avoid wearing thick clothes, which can cause many diseases in children. That is why wear them only in light and light colored clothes.

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watch the kids up close
Dehydration in children makes the symptoms easily visible. That is why you should take special care of every activity of the child. As soon as dehydration is seen in the child, do not allow them to do physical activity and give more and more liquids. If there is no relief after a few hours, you can see the doctor.

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