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Follow these tips to clean children’s soft toys, toys will become like new in a jiffy – how to clean soft toys at home in hindi – News18


Soft toys can be cleaned by mixing gentle detergent in cold water.
You can take the help of an air dryer to dry the soft toys.

Tips to Clean Soft Toys: Young children spend most of their time playing with toys. On the other hand, stuffed toys are one of the favorite toys of children. But after playing, children leave the toys anywhere. Because of which the toys get dirty quickly. In such a situation, instead of throwing children’s soft toys when they are dirty, you can make the toys like brand new with some brilliant tricks. After getting dirty soft toys, children give less time to play with them. At the same time, to keep children safe from the dirt and bacteria accumulated in these toys, parents consider it appropriate to throw away soft toys. However, with the help of some natural methods, you can also make these stuffed toys shine. So let’s know some tips to clean soft toys, by trying which you can keep children’s toys new and shiny in minutes.

try a vacuum
Due to the accumulation of dust on the soft toys of children, they start to look dirty. In this case, you can take the help of a vacuum to clean the soft toys. At the same time, even after cleaning with a soft bristle brush instead of a vacuum, the toys become dust free easily.

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clean by hand
You can clean children’s soft toys by hand washing them in minutes. For this mix gentle detergent in cold water and put the toy in it. Now clean the toy by rubbing it with a soft bristles brush. After this wash the toy with clean water. This will make the kids toy clean in no time.

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machine clean toys

You can also try machine wash to clean children’s soft toys. For this, mix cold water and mild detergent in the washing machine. Now set the machine on delicate cycle mode and low timer. Then put the children’s stuffed toys into the machine. Keep in mind that before washing soft toys in the machine, remove its stain and do not forget to do a patch test.

Dry toys with an air dryer
Air dryer is a better option for drying soft toys. This makes the kids toy dry easily without getting damaged. In this case, after washing the soft toys, rub them lightly with a towel and wipe them. Then hang it in a hanger and let it dry naturally.

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