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Follow these tips to clean the drain pipe of the washing machine, the result will be visible in a few minutes


It is best to use a drain cleaner to clean the drain pipe of the washing machine.
The drain pipe of the washing machine can be easily cleaned even by applying wire mesh.

Tips to clean washing machine drain pipe: Most of the people use washing machine in their homes. Of course, with the help of a washing machine, you can easily clean clothes. But sometimes cleaning the washing machine becomes a difficult task for people. Especially cleaning the drain pipe in the washing machine is not easy. The inner and outer parts of the machine can be cleaned in any way. But it is difficult to completely clean the drain pipe of the machine. That is why we are going to tell you some tips to clean the washing machine, by following which you can easily shine the drain pipe.

use hot water
You can take the help of hot water to clean the drain pipe of the washing machine. For this pour hot water over the drain pipe. Now apply laundry soap on the pipe and rub it with a brush and then wash the pipe with clean water. At the same time, put hot water in the washer of the machine and run it. In such a situation, hot water will come out of the pipe and this will clear the drain pipe from inside as well. Take care not to boil the water too much.

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get help from a drain cleaner
The use of a drain cleaner can also be the best to clean the drain pipe of the washing machine. At the same time, the drain cleaner is easily available in the market. In such a situation, after cleaning the drain pipe with water, apply a drain cleaner on it. Now rinse the pipe and wash it with clean water. With this, the drain pipe of the machine will glow immediately. But keep in mind that always use acid free drain cleaner to wash the drain pipe.

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clean with wire mesh
Sometimes while washing clothes, garbage gets stuck in the drain cleaner and the machine water does not come out properly. In such a situation, you can take the help of wire mesh to clean the drain pipe.

For this, put a wire mesh on the end of the drain pipe. This will eliminate the problem of water stagnation in the machine and the water will easily drain from the machine.

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