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Follow these tips to put babies to sleep on time, sleep cycle will not be disturbed


Do not give children tea and coffee to drink even during the night.
Do not forget to make children do sports and exercise every day.

Parenting Tips: Today’s unbalanced lifestyle affects adults as well as children. Especially children are falling prey to the habit of waking up late at night. In such a situation, most children like to sleep late night. Due to which the daily routine of the children is also affected badly. Waking up late at night disturbs the routine cycle of children. In such a situation, children do not get enough sleep, as well as their energy level also starts falling. On the other hand, not sleeping on time at night can prove to be harmful for the health of the children as well. That is why we are going to tell you about some parenting tips, with the help of which you can easily put the children to sleep on time.

remove the disturbance
Before putting the children to sleep, it is necessary to create a sleeping environment in the room. In such a situation, turn off the TV, phone and laptop running in the room. Also turn off the bright lights and turn on the dim light. Apart from this, you can also play relaxing songs to make the children sleep. Due to which the child will fall asleep quickly.

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sports is a must
Many times children spend their whole day watching TV and eating snacks. In such a situation, due to less physical activity, children do not sleep early and children stay awake till late at night. Therefore, do not forget to get children to do physical activities like sports and exercise during the day. This will also keep the children fit and sleep on time.

Avoid giving tea and coffee
Do not give children tea and coffee to drink even during the night. Due to this, not only does the sleep of the children disappear but it can also have a bad effect on the health of the children. At the same time, after eating food, you can give milk to drink instead of tea or coffee.

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get help from prayer
Babies often start asking questions while sleeping at night. Due to which children do not sleep far and wide. In such a situation, you can pray with the children to put them to sleep soon. Due to this, the children’s mind will start to relax and in a short time the children will fall asleep.

try a massage
You can massage oil on the feet and head of the babies to make them sleep on time. This makes the baby feel very comfortable and will fall asleep before the massage is over.

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