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Follow these tricks while buying leather, easily identify the difference between fake and real


Water can be used to identify genuine and fake leather.
Genuine leather is prone to cracks, shrinkage and marks like animal skin.

Tips To Identify Original And Fake Leather: Leather items are an important part of many people’s styling. Although leather shoes, bags, jackets and belts are usually included in the all-time fashion trend, people often prefer to carry leather items in winters. Some people do not recognize the original leather. Genuine leather is very expensive. Most of the people who do not understand the difference between genuine and fake leather, many times unknowingly buy fake leather items. This not only wastes your money but also fake leather items get spoiled quickly. In such a situation, by trying some easy tips, you can identify fake and genuine leather in minutes.

test elasticity

You can pay attention to the texture to distinguish genuine and fake leather. Let us tell you that due to being made of animal skin, the finishing and elasticity of genuine leather is better. At the same time, due to being made from synthetic material, fake leather is very hard and cheap.

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identify by scent

You can also identify the original leather by the smell of the leather item. Yes, on smelling genuine leather, it smells of animal skin. At the same time, the scent of synthetic leather is similar to that of plastic.

notice the leather pattern

Genuine leather is prone to cracks, shrinkage and marks like animal skin. Along with this, many small pebbles like bulges are also seen in the genuine leather. Whereas synthetic leather is completely plain.

identify as well

You can also notice the colors to identify the original leather. There is a slight shrinkage in genuine leather when it is folded. Along with this, a change in its color also starts to be seen. However, synthetic leather does not fold easily due to its rigidity and can crack the synthetic leather if it is bent forcibly.

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focus on cutting

Being made of animal skin, the cutting of genuine leather is not smooth. The edges of genuine leather are slightly thinner or thicker. At the same time, the edges of fake leather are completely equal.

check with fire

You can also find out the originality of leather with the help of fire. For this, take the edges of the leather items over the fire. In such a situation, genuine leather will not catch fire quickly and the smell of burning hair will also start coming from it. On the other hand, fake leather will catch fire immediately and it will smell of melting plastic.

do water test

You can also use water to distinguish genuine and fake leather. For this, put a few drops of water on the leather. This will allow the genuine leather to absorb water easily. On the other hand, the water on the fake leather will remain as it is.

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