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Follow these tricks while cooking in winter, there will be huge savings in gas, try today itself


Using a pressure cooker for cooking in winter can be a good way to save gas.
You can save by checking leakage in gas pipe, burner and regulator before cooking.

Gas Cylinder Saving Tips: Most of the people use gas for cooking. In the winter season, the use of gas increases considerably as compared to other seasons. From making tea to heating food, people turn on the gas. Not only does it use more gas, but the gas cylinder also ends quickly. Today we are going to tell you some tips to save gas in winter, by trying which you can run the gas cylinder for many days.

use pressure cooker
Many people reduce the use of pressure cooker due to the fear of cleaning utensils in winter. But the use of pressure cooker can prove to be a smart recipe to save gas cylinders. This not only cooks the food quickly but also saves a lot of gas.

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cook in a thin pot
To save gas in winter, you can use thin bottom utensils. This will make the utensil heat up quickly. On the other hand, food will be cooked faster in a thin bottom utensil than in a thick bottom utensil. Due to which your gas cylinder will be able to run for many days.

use cover
Steam escapes from cooking in an open vessel. Due to which both gas and time are required for cooking. In this case, cooking food covered is a better option. With this, food is cooked quickly and when covered with the lid, the food remains hot for a long time.

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Do not keep wet utensils on gas
Some people put the wet utensil on the gas in a hurry. Due to which the utensil takes a long time to heat up. Therefore, before keeping the utensil on the gas, wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Due to this, the utensil will heat up quickly and gas will also be spent less.

Check burner and leaks
By the way, blue flame comes out from the burner while burning the gas. But when the burner is dirty, red or yellow flame starts coming out of it. In this case, you can remove the burner and clean it with hot water. Due to which there will be no waste by getting trapped in the gas burner. Also, you can save gas by checking leakage in gas pipe, burner and regulator before cooking.

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