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Follow these tricks while selling old phone and laptop, there will be no tension of data


Do not forget to delete the data before selling the old laptop or smartphone.
Save social media accounts through artificial intelligence.

Tips and tricks: The use of smart phones and laptops has become an important part of the daily lifestyle of the people. At the same time, many people are fond of using the latest phones and laptops. In such a situation, while taking a new phone and laptop, people often sell old smart phones or laptops at cheap prices. However, before selling old phones and laptops, it is important to keep some things in mind. After the Corona era, the craze of electronic gadgets like smart phones and laptops has increased from elders to children. In such a situation, most people keep personal and professional data stored in their phones and laptops. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to take some precautions before selling smart phones and laptops.

reset factory data
Generally, both personal and professional life of people is present in the phone through photos, videos and contact numbers. In such a situation, before selling the old phone, go to the settings and reset the factory data of the phone. Due to which all your information will be erased from the phone.

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clean the laptop
Do not forget to erase the data of the laptop even before selling the old laptop. Many people usually use the delete button to delete the data. However, with this your data can be recovered again. Therefore, to delete the data, always press the Shift + Delete button. Also, you can take help of many software available on the internet to delete permanent data.

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Pay attention to password
By applying fingerprint and screen lock in old phone or laptop, people secure the data. Although breaking fingerprint and password is not a difficult task in today’s era. Therefore, before selling the phone or laptop, secure all your social media accounts with the help of artificial intelligence.

data security
Many times people go on doing OK on all kinds of notifications while using the app or internet in phones and laptops. But with this, any third party can also see the personal data of your phone or laptop. Therefore, keep an anti virus app in the phone. Due to which the data of your system will be completely safe.

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