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Follow these tricks while washing clothes in washing machine, electricity and money will be saved


Washing mode should be selected according to the type of fabric.
Clean the machine and its dryer filter every week.
For heavy clothes, use the hygiene mode in the machine.

Washing Machine Tricks and Tips: Washing clothes is no longer as difficult a task as before. Where earlier so much hard work had to be done for washing clothes, now this work is easily done in just no time. The washing machine has made this task of washing clothes easier to a great extent. Work has become easy here, but the cost of electricity and money has also increased. The capacity of a washing machine largely depends on how it is being used. Taking care of washing machine is very important. If you are able to take care of it properly, then you will be able to save electricity along with money. Know some great tricks.

proper use of timer
Before washing clothes, take care of what type of cloth is. For example, if the fabric is cotton or synthetic, then set the timer in the washing machine accordingly.

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take care of capacity
Put clothes in it according to the capacity of the washing machine. Washing all the clothes in one go can increase the load of the machine, which is not considered right. This also consumes more electricity.

Keep Dryer Filters Clean
It is important to keep the filter installed in the dryer of the washing machine clean. Cleaning maintains good airflow of the dryer. If you take care of the dryer, then at least 10 percent electricity can be saved.

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If the machine is old
Washing machines are used for many years in many homes. If you are also one of them and your machine is also ten years old, then exchange it. Old machines consume more electricity.

Pay attention while drying clothes
There is no need for a washing machine to dry clothes completely. According to the season, it is right to dry the clothes in the sun or in the air. If the machine has an auto dryer then setting a timer is a good option. If you use the washing machine properly while washing clothes, then believe me, it will not only save electricity but also save money.

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