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Football changed the fate of this village of India! Money rained in every house, know how


Footballs have been made in the village of Sisola for more than 40 years.
About 11 lakh footballs are made here every year. Every house is engaged in this work.
Students are also meeting the expenses of their school by joining this work.

New Delhi. Sisola Buzurg is a village in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. No football star emerged from this village, yet football has played an important role in changing the fortunes of this village. Even if no one here knows how to play football, but every resident here is expert in making football. Football is made in every household in this village of 3,000 families and there is no sign of unemployment here. Because of making football, no one here goes anywhere else for employment.

Moneycontrol According to a report, people have been making football here for more than 40 years. In the initial phase, 4-5 people used to do this work as an amateur. Gradually, this hobby of his turned into a job. He started getting orders. Markets started meeting. Then the process of making football started, it is still continuing unabated.

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11 lakh footballs are made every year
More than 11 lakh footballs are made every year in Sisola elderly village. A woman from the village told that she has been making football for more than 20 years. A student who specializes in sewing and cutting leather told that this work is like a cash crop. It gives instant money and gives more income from farming. This helps us in our studies. Many students of the village are also paying their fees by sewing football. This is the reason that the people of the village have made football making their main work instead of other work.

crores of business
On an average, more than 3,000 footballs are made here every day. Every family sews 5-6 balls. The head of the village says that there is a business of Rs 3 crore annually in making footballs. Hari Prakash of the village says that more than 3,000 families of Meerut’s Sisola Buzurg village make footballs for livelihood. This work is being done in the village for more than 40 years.

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