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For a better relationship, it is important to listen to the partner, become a ‘Good Listener’ with these tips


Remove distracting things from your surroundings immediately.
Avoid giving aggressive answers and ask questions calmly.

How To Be Better Listener In Relationship: It is true that the attention span of a human being is only about 8 seconds, but when you are talking to the most important person in your life, especially your spouse, you can do some effort to improve your hearing. can. relationshipnews According to this, when we talk to our partner on any important topic, then our emotions, care for them and the suspicion of something wrong going on simultaneously shakes us mentally. If you can control these things and listen to everything about your partner with restraint, then you can solve many problems in a better way. So let’s know what can be done to be a good listener in a relationship.

Ways to be a better listener in a relationship

Distraction away: If there is a TV, radio or anything distracting around you, remove it immediately. With this, you will be able to give full attention to your partner in a better way.

Body language required: If your partner wants to share something with you, then stop the other work and move towards him immediately. It would be better if you make eye contact, motivate your partner to tell you everything in detail.

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Don’t say anything in between If your partner is telling something, then do not jump on any conclusion in the middle. Listen to the whole thing only after that speak.

Ask Direct Questions: Before giving feedback, it would be better to ask the questions going on in your mind directly and get information. By doing this you will be able to understand the matter in a better way.

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Avoid giving aggressive answers: If your partner is making something that is bothering you, then it is better that you stay calm and listen and ask questions without getting aggressive.

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